Creatin’ Peplum!

100_1074 editI have a thing for seeing the beauty in MOST things which others may frown upon. I tend to see the color in the colorless, imagining the flavor in the tasteless, and seeing things that just aren’t there for everyone to see. Case example, this dress! And no it’s most definitely not originally a peplum.


Like a lot of pieces of clothing that I own, at first glance (on an hanger) they scream unattractive. But since learning that seeing the clothes on an hanger  and seeing them on my body can be total game changer; I’ve definitely looked passed the first glance unattractiveness.


This is a plain dress. It’s not simple but its def plain. As soon as I tried it on I fell in love. THANK GOD for these curves, if not this dress would probably look horrible on me. It hugs me in all the right places.


Because the mid- drift area was so blahhh to me, I added a belt just for style and I ended up creating a peplum effect which is the reason why I love this dress. So my love of vintage pieces continues.

100_1092 100_1091

“Sometimes you just have to make a bold move, it may blow your mind”
– Shaena Walker

xoxo Shaena


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