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Shaena Walker Writer

I’m 5’6, with a 37in waist and 52 1/2 wide hips…phew there it is!!! The point of our blog is to share with you our fashion tips, to encourage, and to spread our love with this oh so wonderful world; but most importantly we are here to be honest. So let me stay true to you and start by saying that I’ve struggled with my weight for many years. Mainly because I’m a food addict!!! I Love love to eat. Food is like my Achilles heel and I just can’t get enough… ain’t no shame lol. Anyway in high school I maintained a size 9/10 frame and with a small waist and hips like mine, I fell in love with my curviness. But as time passed and I got older (and life happens) my curviness became even curvier lol, which meant finding clothes got harder and more frustrating. In this moment in time I wear so many different sizes; I can fit into some 12, 14, 16, and 18. I struggle to fit into clothes, even the ones I own. Going shopping at times feels like a journey that I just don’t want to take. I have to hold my breath and hope that I can find an outfit in the store that will fit me properly and at the same time compliment my body AND is also modest enough to wear. I roll my eyes at people who say they have a hard time finding clothes for their small petite frame!!! Who says we have it easy??? The things I do sometimes to fit into some clothes lol… I’ll share those interesting facts later. Ladies it doesn’t matter if you wear the same sizes that I wear or something else, at the end of the day we go through the same struggles with clothes. I’m here to encourage you and you can do the same for me.


Antonia Shelly-Robinson— Creative 

Hello Curvy World!!!
My name is Antonia and I’m a curvy girl. I normally wear a size 16 and on my good days a size 14. I’ve been a curvy girl ever since I was popped out the womb, lol. Truth be told, my curvy journey is a mystery that has yet to be told. I mean it’s not like I have poor eating habits or that I don’t try to work out at all!!! I’ve just been blessed with a generation of hips that at this point I just feel like they have a split personality… it’s a blessing and a curse! Needless to say my husband LOVES (and I mean he’s in love) with my curves; but my clothes somehow despise these shapely curves of mine. And I have to agree… sometimes so do I. My curves and I have been together forever, their me, they’re a part of what describes me and sets me apart. So I’ve learned to embrace them, tone them, and flaunt them. That’s right honey!!!

But let’s get real; I’ve been the butt end of the “big” jokes. Being judged when I order a salad, and being continued to ask “are you still on a diet?” Ugh… Self conscious is what I get whenever I go into a dressing room and have to put every piece of clothing that I fell in love with, that I saw myself in back! Everything I say. Ladies I’m sure I’m not the only who has a story to tell, or who has had some awkward experiences. So through this blog I want to open up to my curvy girls all around, and share with you the secrets, excitements, and sorrows of my curvy diary. xoxo Antonia


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