Something Vintage






This Something Vintage is my printed pleated skirt. I’ve gotta admit when I first saw this skirt I had no liking for it what-so-ever!!! But it grew on me, and now I love it. The print is unique and I’m loving it. I love that its so easy to match. To make the outfit appear a bit casual, I added a aero t-shirt, a blazer, belt, and a fun shoe.

xoxo Shaena


The Fiercest Of Them All In 2013

PicMonkey Collage

2013 was a great year and we just want to end this year on a good note, by putting the spotlight on some curvy women who we think have great style. Whether they styled themselves or somebody else did it for them, we thought their styles were worth sharing. These women proved you don’t have to be a size 2 to be stylish.
Flaunt your CURVE-E-NESS!
Here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

10. Octavia SpencerPicMonkey Collage octavia

9. Chandra WilsonPicMonkey Collage chandra

8. Christina HendricksPicMonkey Collage christina

7. Mindy KalingPicMonkey Collage mindy

6. Serena WilliamsPicMonkey Collage serena

5. Tamela MannPicMonkey Collage tamela

4. OprahPicMonkey Collage oprah

3. Melissa McCarthyPicMonkey Collage melissa

2. Queen LatifahPicMonkey Collage queen

1. Amber RileyPicMonkey Collage amber

Amber Riley is definitely my favorite curvy girl, she knows how to rock her curves, and plus 2013 was a big year for her… I mean she did win Dancing with the stars. She proved to the world that no matter your size, no matter your color you can do it, you can achieve your dreams. She danced her way to winning that trophy. You go girl!

After Christmas


Christmas is over!!!
Do I sound too happy? I don’t know why!
Wellllllll I’m a little happy, because now I get to share with you a healthy juice recipe using kale, to get us right back on track after all that eating we did for Christmas.
This is something I make for myself and its actually yummy, I cant stop drinking.

Despite it’s smell Kale is actually good for you. Below is all the AMAZING powers that Kale has.

What you need…
-Kale (You can purchase the bag from any grocery store, publix, etc)
-1 Lemon
*5 strawberries
*1/2 orange
P.s you don’t necessary have to use these fruits, you can use what you have
-1 tsp honey (optional)
-1/2 cup Water

What to do…
Take a handful of kale, cut the strawberries in half, then peel your orange and cut it up, squeeze your lemon. Now pop everything into your blender or juicer. Add your honey (if you have) and your water.
Blend Bend Blend

::p.s the fruits gives it a fruity taste::

You can drink right away if you use a juicer
If you use a blender, your going to need a strainer
Happy Healthy Drinking!!!


Isn’t she beautiful!
This dress is immaculate. The fit, the length and the style is amazingly perfect!
This tea-length dress with its half sleeves is a product of modesty.
It’s gorgeous, flowy, It’s lace and the color is great.

It speaks confidents










Adele who recently was at the Bukingham Palace to receive an honorable award::the MBE medal. It’s an honor reserved for the exemplary British.

Adele who opted for a Stella McCartney tea dress looks amazing and flawless. Adele kept her look simple with minimal makeup, adding a caged headband to her overall look, with black heels.

I love her she’s so classy!